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Using a native function of our FAVORITE device outperforms almost all other kinds of marketing. It's a type of marketing that consumers are open to, but businesses rarely use to its full potential. Here's the rundown!

How to Spend Less Money and Increase Audience Engagement

We know how to ball on a budget, and we love to find ways for you to get the most bang for your buck while achieving greater audience engagement at events. Interested in how you can increase audience engagement just based on your current budget? Let's look at three simple ways.

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Why You Should Be Running In-Event Text Promotions
There was an era in the distant past in which smartphones weren't part of our lives. When we went to an event we were captives and, other than conversations with our friends, we were generally "present" at an event because we had no other options. Read More
Why So Many People Are Glued to Their Phones at Live Events (And Why That's Good!)

While maybe even a decade ago the majority of attendees at live events may not have actively used their phones all throughout an event, these days that reality is here to stay. That gives brands who want to reach these attendees many opportunities to win in multiple ways...

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6 Tips To Improve Your Text-to-Win Giveaways

If you've ever participated in a traditional text-to-win giveaway, you've probably experienced something underwhelming that left you unsatisfied and maybe even confused...

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Don't Reply Until You Comply

$1500. Per text message. That is the federal penalty for noncompliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)...

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6 Dos and Donts of Text Messaging Promotions

There are quite a few moving parts to deliver that magical moment. Let's talk about 'em...

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Sometimes Winning Isn't the Only Thing

One of the drivers of our work here at FanUp is the science behind contest and "winning". People do love to win (that's just part of the human condition, it seems)...

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